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Introducing - OceanPoxy
The Worlds Highest Performance Bio-Epoxy
for Marine Applications

Epoxy Resin has been reinvented from the ground up. UV Stable, BPA Free and 100% Sustainable. Meet OceanPoxy!

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OceanPoxy™ is an Epoxy Resin like no other 
- Say Hello To The Future Of Epoxy.

Here are some of the many reasons to LOVE OceanPoxy

  • Extremely hard, 54 MPA (tensile), 78 MPA - 98 MPA w/filler (compression)

  • UV stable (Clear Application & Does Not Yellow)

  • BPA free (contains no bis-phenols)

  • Low VOC (Odorless and Contains No Solvents)

  • 100% Bio Content Resin

  • 3 Reasons why OceanPoxy
    is taking over the World of Bio-Epoxy Resins.

    High Performance, Beyond Sustainable and Toxin Free

    Highest Performance Bio-Epoxy
    - A Resin Revolution!

    OceanPoxyis a true Revolution in the World of Epoxy Resins. OceanPoxy Resin combines unique characteristics in compressive and tensile strength, with hardness, flexibility and UV Resistance.

    OceanPoxy adds great workability combined with strong adhesion making it a great choice for Bio-Composites and Bio-Coatings with excellent mechanical properties. 

    Beyond Sustainable - 100% Bio Content AND Net-Climate-Positive

    OceanPoxy is the Worlds first Epoxy Resin made from 100% biological sources. This makes it the worlds first truly sustainable Bio-Epoxy Resin.

    But thats not enough! From resource to finished product OceanPoxy binds more CO2 than it releases making it also the worlds first Net-Climate Positive Epoxy Resin.

    The Climate gets a little healthier with each batch me make. Isn't that amazing? If you want to position your business or projects as a champion for a better future, OceanPoxy could be the perfect fit for you.

    Toxin Free - BPA Free, Solvent Free, Odourless & More.

    OceanPoxy is BPA-Free, Solvent-Free and has low to no VOC! This makes it A LOT SAFER, and also a LOT MORE CONVENIENT to work with, than conventional Epoxy.

    On top of that, it's nearly odourless, which allows you to apply it indoors without evacuating the entire building! And if this wasn't enough, it's also UV Stable and Non-Yellowing. In short, it's an absolute Game Changer!

    Besides, why is this being toxin free so important you ask?

    The European Chemical Strategy is phasing out toxic chemicals - like BPA. This is a great opportunity to say goodbye to unsustainable practices and move into a brighter future. 

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    OceanPoxy Resin has a market winning 100% bio-content. We source certified sustainable ingredients, which allows for full circular economy product applications.

    Check Out Our Bio-Refinery Circular Economy

    Features & Benefits 
    Of OceanPoxy

    See the many advantages of using OceanPoxy as your go-to brand!

    BPA Free

    OceanPoxy is a two-part, clear, aliphatic, non-yellowing Bio-Epoxy Resin from renewable glycerol with no BPA, unlike conventional diglycidyl ether Bisphenol A (DGEBA) epoxy, made from crude oil, petrochemicals.

    Low Odour

    Being manufactured from naturally occurring and renewable resources, E20-1 and E20-5 have low odour and zero volatile emissions allowing for use in confined spaces and earlier site re-entry.


    The clear version of the OceanPoxy can be as transparent as glass, which is why it's being used in the eyewear industry.

    Low Viscosity

    Because of its molecular makeup OceanPoxy has a low viscosity which make it pourable/spreadable and gives it a great chemical resistance.


    Various fillers, additives and dies have been tested with the OceanPoxy resin These tests show great application opportunities for the bio-epoxy resin in the existing market and new market opportunities that will take advantage of its hardness, adhesive strength, resistance to UV and transparency

    OceanPoxy is a 100% renewable source resin with zero emissions made with a glycerol core obtained from clean, green and environmentally frinedly bio-fuel manufacturing.

    In fact, the production cycle of the OceanPoxy resin is carbon negative! 

    UV Stable

    DGEBA (Standard) epoxy resins are based on toxic Bisphenol A (BPA), being aromatic, so they yellow and chalk badly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and sunlight unlike - OceanPoxy which is naturally UV and yellowing resistant.

    Self-Leveling and Seamless Overcoat

    OceanPoxy is very easy to use because it self-levels and quickly spreads out to create a seamless surface for a truly smooth and even finish.

    Hard Cure

    The compressive strength of the Bio-Epoxy resin is very hard, with values of between 78 and 98 MPa, indicating excellent cross-linkage of the polymer throughout the resin mixture. It also makes it corrosion and abrasion resistant.

    Smooth, Glossy or Matt

    OceanPoxy can be applied in three finishes; smooth, glossy & matt (with additives) which can allow for a high surface finish which is easy to clean.

    Did You Know...

    Conventional Epoxy Resins are based on toxic Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a known endocrine disruptor, recognized for causing major health concerns (such as Cancer). That is why BPA products and other toxins are being phased out around the globe, particularly in Europe

    EU Chemical Strategy 2020

    OceanPoxy ticks All The Boxes

    High Tensile Strength

    UV Stable




    Low Odour

    Low Viscosity

    Solvent Free

    Net-Climate Positive

    BPA Free


    And Many More...

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    OceanPoxy is taking over the world and conquering the marketplace. Get your hands on your very own Test Kit of our amazing Epoxy and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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    Epoxy as it should be, high performing AND sustainable.

    Our world is going through a change. We are waking up to the reality of what unsustainable production and toxic chemicals are doing to our health and to our planet.

    Finally, alternatives are are popping up that match their predecessors in performance. OceanPoxy is one of them.

    We are currently looking for partners in all areas; from production to distribution. Interested? Find our contact information at the bottom of this page.


    Frequently Asked Questions About OceanPoxy

    Where can I find the Technical Data Sheet?

    You can get the Technical Data Sheet for OceanPoxy

    How long has this Epoxy existed?

    Research & Development: > 2013

    Real World Applications: > 2015

    Commercial Use: > 2017

    Can I buy in bulk?

    Yes, of course. Just contact us at [email protected] and we will get you set up.

    Can I buy small amounts or order a Test Kit?

    Yes, either through one of our distributors or directly from us. We have Test Kits available in 1, 5 and 20 kg sizes. 

    What is the price of this Epoxy?

    The price depends on the size and volume of your order. For smaller orders and Test Kits click on of the buttons saying "Order Test Kit". For larger orders contact us at [email protected]

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Are you ready to Upgrade to OceanPoxy and put your project or business on the cutting edge of progress?

    Make the right decision for you and our world - Order your Test Kit of OceanPoxy today! 

    The Number #1 Bio-Epoxy in the World.


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